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Sunshine and pearls

Excited to be back in Boston! #Boston #makewayforducklings


Via Shar Style =]




The saddest thing I have ever watched

gives me shivers 

That is what it is to be truly loved.  And it’s sad that mental illness drove her away.  I’d give anything to have someone love me like that.  I hope she sees this one day and feels like shit.  I know it must be hard to deal with, but I can’t imagine being the one going through it.  And to read what it feels like to know the new guy only has to kiss her once…my God.  That is so powerful.  I truly believe we need a class on sensitivity and disability in high schools, so that we are all better prepared to deal with one another in life.  

And next time you feel like saying “I have OCD” when you just want to straighten your room?  Remember this gif set.  Because THIS is the face of OCD.

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