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Sunshine and pearls

Fact: fun kicks make you run faster #sweatingforthewedding #kisfor

Guess what came in the mail today?! #lillypulitzer #buymelilly


vest envy


Greg Fink


Rules be damned.


I am the girl that ‘got hot’ after highschool.

It’s not because I lost the weight or finally figured out that clothes were for more than covering my skin. It’s not because I realized I had breasts or because I grew into my face and grew out my hair. It’s not because I stopped trying to hide my height, and I definitely didn’t just randomly develop social skills.

The reason I ‘got hot’ after highschool is because there was no one telling me I wasn’t.


Molly Burton | On Highschool (via iamatinyowl)


Rumours are true, Olivia Palermo is a married woman. The style maven married German model Johannes Huebel during a very intimate ceremony in Bedford, New York, she announced on her website. “We really wanted to keep this beautiful day very private and special to us and enjoyed the whole day with our family and two friends. Bedford is such an amazing and romantic countryside,” Palermo says.

She wore an outfit by Carolina Herrera, which included a cashmere sweater, white shorts and a full tulle skirt with a high slit, while her groom complemented her bridal ensemble in a white Marc Anthony Hamburg suit.


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